Alaska Hand Rehabilitation, Inc
is the clinic of choice for specialized treatment of the shoulder, arm and hand:
> for those with traumatic orthopedic or peripheral nerve injuries involving theshoulder, arm and hand,
> for pre/post/non-operative care, muscle/nerve injury secondary to cumulative trauma, and
> for conditions such as arthritis and other auto-immune disorders affecting the upper extremities.

We offer expertise in custom splint construction (static/dynamic/static progressive) for protection or for mobilization. We also provide and create a variety of adaptive devices for those with challenges in independent function.
Our clinic maintains a friendly and informal, yet professional, environment that instantly puts our patients at ease.
Our treatment always begins with reducing the patient’s pain and/or fear of pain while ensuring that we focus upon our patient’s goals for function.
We encourage compliance with surgeon’s protocols and precautions to protect surgical repairs. Patient education is the foundation of our treatment because we believe that an informed patient can be optimally effective in therapy.
We emphasize the importance of patient participation throughout the process of reaching his/her therapy goals
We welcome feedback and on-going input from treating physicians, PA’s and FNPs.

THERAPY REFERRALS can be downloaded online and faxed to (907) 563-3472 or call our clinic at (907) 563-8318 to schedule a patient for treatment.
Please see NEW PATIENT INFORMATION for information about insurance, referrals, and privacy practices.