Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the shoulder, arm and hand. It merges comprehensive knowledge of the upper extremity with the skills and therapeutic techniques of the professions of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.
The specialty of Hand Therapy developed in response to advancements in technology and surgical techniques that have enabled greater functional restoration of injured upper limbs.
Our therapists demonstrate commitment to the specialty by becoming Certified Hand Therapists (CHTs) and by maintaining membership in the American Society of Hand Therapists.

Description of Services

The treatment of upper extremity pain and dysfunction requires a multi-faceted approach. We attempt to identify the cause of the injury, the current related factors, sites of physical injury, and patient concerns and goals. Following the initial assessment, the treatment focuses upon the individual, upon eliminating pain and regaining lost motion and abilities. It may include visits to the workplace, communication with physicians, families, schools, and attorneys, as well as referrals to other professionals.


Each individual undergoes a thorough clinical evaluation to clarity the site and extent of the injury before the therapist offers any recommendations or initiates treatment. When the therapist develops an understanding of the patient`s injury and concerns, it may become clear that a specific activity has contributed to causing the damage. An ergonomic assessment may then be recommended in order to identify and halt strain that is work-related. These assessments may be performed at the work site or, when possible, may be simulated in the clinic.

Treatment of Varied Diagnoses

As one might imagine from the wide diversity of referral sources, we become involved in assessment and treatment of many types of trauma and overuse injuries that impact the lives of our patients. For a better understanding of these diagnoses, please follow the links.

Corporate & Community Services

One of our goals is to educate the community, employers, and employees. Over the years we have seen a tremendous increase in awareness of ergonomics issues and Repetitive Strain Injury. This has been in large part due to extensive education via newspaper articles, television and word-of-mouth. As a result we have also seen changes in attitudes of employers, physicians, the insurance industry and the general public. There is an increasing willingness to optimize worker comfort and avoid the high costs of treatment and loss of productivity.

We offer presentations:
> To define Overuse/Repetitive Strain Injury and to offer alternatives to reduce the frequency of this expensive and debilitating injury
> To assist with Risk Assessment
> To encourage Injury Prevention and Early Management

Free Screenings

This is a free service to aid those who have a physical concern but are uncertain whether medical care is indicated. During the screening a therapist will spend 15-20 minutes performing an interview and a brief physical assessment. Based upon the therapist`s findings, you will be offered suggestions for self-treatment, referrals to other care providers and information about therapy options. If this is of interest to you, call us at (907)563-8318 and ask to be scheduled for a Free Screening.

For New Patients

Please see information about insurance, referrals, privacy practices, on the New Patients page.